De Maria sources materials locally to lower the brand’s carbon footprint during the production process. Products made with leather are made with byproduct leather from local factories that is discarded and repurposed by artisan workshops to reduce local waste. Vegetable tanned leather is a biodegradable material that decomposes naturally into the earth.



De Maria may be nostalgic of the golden age of Mexican Cinema where glamorous crowds flooded Acapulco and a lady wouldn’t dare leave the house without matching her purse to her shoes; However, the brand unites the glamour of the past with the empathy of the future. As much as De Maria celebrates traditional shoe and bag shapes, we primarily celebrate inclusiveness, intersectional feminism, accessibility and Latine culture. We aim to accelerate the growth of local economies and allow artisan workshops to scale sustainably in order to honor traditional skills that are being lost through mass production practices.