The Brand

De Maria is an ethical accessories line celebrating the power of design collaboration beyond borders. The brand works with artisan workshops in Mexico to co-create unique pieces using local materials. 

We believe in ethical manufacturing, fair wages, long lasting designs, creative collaboration, and celebrating traditional design techniques.


Meet the Team

Daniela Novelo Iñiguez is the Founder and Head of Marketing at de María, overseeing strategic growth planning and digital marketing strategies. When she’s not working on de María, she runs @its_dni and is constantly collaborating with lifestyle partners on content creation. She enjoys traveling, enjoying a good meal surrounded by friends and family and spending time with her family.

Genoveva Pedrero Setzer is the Head of Design at de María. With 10+ years of experience in the fashion industry, Genoveva has worked in production, wholesale, e-commerce, press, visual merchandising, and product/editorial styling. She enjoys vintage shopping, listening to 80s music from Mexico, learning about traditional design techniques and most of all, collaborating with artisan workshops to co-design unique pieces. She is currently based in Brooklyn, NY and travels to Mexico constantly to visit her family and visit the artisan workshops we are working with.